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The sworn translators registered on this site are approved for all courts, judicial and administrative services in Belgium


Sworn and specialised translator and interpreter


- Member of AIIC & CBTI, accredited by the Council of Europe and UN system organisations

- Interpretation missions with heads of state and government

+32 (0)494 03 05 67 -

Sworn / certified and speciaStefano Spadea, translator in Italian, Dutch, English, French and Spanish in Belgiumlized translations in:

Dutch, English, French, Italian

Registered on the lists of translators and interpreters of the Italian consulate in Brussels and Charleroi

+32 (0)16 43 50 92  &  +32 (0)487 65 40 01

Serge Withouck - certified translator in Canada, Belgium and Netherlands Serge Withouck - certified translator in Canada

Serge Withouck

English, French, Italian, Dutch

Certified translator, recognized in all provinces of Canada

Sworn translator/interpreter in Belgium and

The Netherlands

+32 (0)2 513 73 61  &  +32 (0)475 49 59 30

RW-TranslationRomain Wuillot

Technical, legal and editorial translations from and to:            

Dutch, English, French

+32 (0)497 147 627 -

Rahaf Makarati, sworn translator in Arabic, Dutch, French and English in BelgiumRahaf Makarati

Sworn and specialised translations in

Arabic, Dutch, English, French

Works quickly, accurately and at affordable prices

+32 (0)486 466 364 -

NSTRAD PLC - Translation and proofreading

Czech, French, Polish, Russian, Slovak

+32 (0)472 97 90 79  -

NSTRAD PLC - sworn translations from Czech, Polish, Russian and Slovak to French           Member of the BCTI


English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Sworn and specialised translations in Belgium, Spain & Luxembourg

+32 (0)494 63 88 41      +34 624 64 68 72


Sworn translator Dutch - French

+32 (0)479 419 400

Marta Bica

Sworn (or not sworn) translator and interpreter in

Dutch, French, Hungarian, Romanian

Accompanying during:

  • a driving license examination
  • the medical / psychological examination to recover the driving license

+32 (0)498 57 51 15 -

Leila DjedainiLeila Djedaini - sworn and specialized translations and interpretations in Arabic, Arabic dialects and French

Sworn translations and interpretations in

Arabic, Arabic dialects of the Maghreb and the Middle East, French    +32 (0)495 46 48 82

Nuytten Legal TranslationsNuytten Legal Translations

Dutch, English, French, Spanish

Premium legal translations for quality-driven clients

+32 (0)474 89 67 32

Isabelle Collard   

- Sworn translator and interpreter

English-French-Italian inscribed in the register

- Specialized in interpreting wedding ceremonies, driver's licenses, interviews and in the translation of certificates, notarial deeds and diplomas.

+32 (0)475 61 75 35 (Mobile & WhatsApp)

+32 (0)2 366 33 66 -

Gilles Wandel

Sworn translator at the Brussels Court of Appeal

English & Spanish French  +32 (0)472 97 90 79

Risselin TraductionFloriane Risselin

Sworn translations and legalisations for individuals and companies


+32 (0)494 10 72 83 -



Korean Dutch Korean

Master-in-law and Master after Master in tax law at the University of Antwerp

+32 (0)15 730 777  &  +32 (0)478 81 46 43 -


Catalan, English, French, Spanish

Sworn translator interpreter in Belgium and Spain

+32 (0)485 75 15 68 -

Cristina CIUPITU

English, French, Romanian, Spanish

in Mons, Nivelles & Charleroi

More than 15 years of experience in sworn and specialised translations, sworn interpretations or during business meetings, interviews...

+32 (0)470 133 243

Christine COETSIERi-Rewrite - Christine Coetsier

Dutch, English, French, Spanish

Sworn and legal translations, copywriting, e-learning, text localization, SEO friendly translations

+32 (0)2 315 74 00       +32 (0)475 98 08 88

Aramis - D.I.M.Bart MYLEMANS

sworn translator in Dutch, French, Italian

Aramis-DIM sprl - over 25 years of experience in legal translation

+32 (0)499 72 99 37


Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish & +32 (0)487 012 032


Arabic, English, French, Italian

Sworn translator interpreter in Belgium

+32 (0)489 28 15 07 -

Dr Alexandre HUILLETAlexandre Huillet - sworn translator in English and French in Belgium, France and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Specialised in English < > French

  • Sworn/certified translations and interpretations in Belgium, France, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and United Kingdom.
  • Subtitling and transcriptions
  • Non-sworn translations to and from Spanish

+33 (0)7 78 20 60 43 -

Valérie Dullens - In Verbo VeritasValérie DULLENS

Sworn translator - interpreter

in Italian, English, French

Belgian Courts of Justice and the Italian Consulate in Charleroi

Holder of a University Certificate in Interpretation in Legal Context

+32 (0)496 05 69 60 -

TOM MAHIEU Tom Mahieu - Dutch, English, French and Spanish sworn translations

Master in translation studies

Sworn translations and legalisations with the courts, ministries and embassies


+32 (0)485 94 88 62 -


Sworn translations

Arabic → Dutch

+32 (0)486 20 63 74

RT Taalkantoor BVRudy Trullemans

Certified & legalized translations since 2008

Master VUB, Post-Masters UG

-official registration-

French - German - English - Dutch /

+32 (0)3 296 81 53         +32 (0)473 17 71 71

Rasha Al-Zubairi

Arabic - French - Arabic

Sworn and specialised translations and interpretations

+32 (0)69 30 17 06 & +32 (0)488 02 49 03

www.proidiomatraduction.beVAGUET  Noël

Master in Germanic Philology (EN - DU)

Master in Applied Economics

Sworn translations & legalizations by FPS Justice

Dutch - English - French - Spanish

+32 (0)496 64 49 38 -

Nazgul BALMUKHANOVANazgul Balmukhanova, sworn translator in Kazakh, Russian and Dutch in Belgium

Dutch, Kazakh, Russian

Sworn and specialized translations and interpretations at the Courts of First Instance, Council Chamber, Court of Appeal, Assize Court, for marriages...

in Brussels and in Flanders county

+32 (0)494 61 59 11 -


Sworn translator and interpreter

Farsi (Persian, Iranian), Dari, French  +32 (0)477 51 86 52

Specialized translator in Belgium and France

Marina SINILOMarina Sinilo, sworn and specialised translator interpreter in Belarusian, French and Russian in Belgium

Sworn & specialized translator interpreter

Belarusian, French, Russian

+32 (0)471 597 116 -


Sworn translator interpreter

French, Romanian, Russian

+32 (0)488 83 76 19


Albanian - French - Albanian

Translator interpreter in Belgium

+32 (0)488 80 40 17 -

Iurii ABDUSAIurii Abdusa, sworn translations in English, French, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian in Belgium

sworn and specialized translations or interpretations

English, French, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian

+32 (0)487 32 30 02 -

GREGORY BLAUWERSGregory Blauwers - Eunoia Consult

Dutch - French - Dutch

Sworn translations and legalisations of all official documents for private persons and companies

+32 (0)486 95 14 34 - also via WhatsApp

1180 Brussels & 8400 Oostende

AQCIS - Translation Services Francis AUQUIER

Sworn translator in Brussels

Sworn translations and legalizations, linguistic advice

English, German  → French

+32 (0)2 779 32 82  /  +32 (0)475 690 706 -

Fatma Iferoudjene

sworn translator and interpreter from and into

Arabic, Berber (Amazigh), French

Mastery of the Arabic and Berber dialects of North Africa and Middle East (Egyptian, Lebanese, Tunisian, Chaouïa / Shawiya...)

+32 (0)489 66 84 50 -

Erik Dupont - sworn translator in Danish, Dutch, English, German, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish in BelgiumErik Dupont

Danish, Dutch, English, German, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish

- Mother tongues: Dutch, Flemish and Norwegian

- 30 years of experience in legal, financial and administrative translations and interpretations...

+ 32 (0)471 75 66 59

HENALEX CONFERENCE SERVICES David Babaev - Henalex Conference Services

Since 2008 translations or interpretations


- for the Head of States and Governments

- during important sports events: Olympic Games, EURO, World Cup

+32 (0)494 33 76 04 -

- AIIC Member; CBTI Member; Accredited to the Council of Europe

Chris FALQUEChris Falque - American Translation

→ Sworn translator in different combinations of the following languages:

Dutch, English, French, German, Italian

→ Specialised in juridical, financial, marketing, medical, specifications and administrative translations

+32 (0)2 771 26 04  &  +32 (0)475 53 13 47

Arbër HALILI - sworn translator interpreter

Albanian - Dutch - Albanian

+32 (0)488 49 08 68 -

- Bachelor of Laws, Certificate in juridical translation and interpretation

- Copywriting, proofreading, subtitles

Anna Mochtchevitina

- Sworn and specialized translator-interpreter: Belarusian, Dutch, English, Russian, Ukrainian

- More than 15 years' experience

- Private and official customers, all sorts of official and other documents and meetings.       +32 (0)474 84 28 03


Sworn translator interpreter

English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish

Master's degree in Conference Interpretation

+32 (0)478 02 26 49 -

LinguixAbdeslam El-Ajjouri

Specialized and sworn translator interpreter in

Arabic, Berber, Dutch, French, German

+32 (0)3 297 40 07       +32 (0)475 96 11 88

1.   General Provisions

2.   Information You May Provide

3.   Our Uses of the Information You Provide

4.   Anonymous Information

5.   Any Information Linked with Your Personal Information Is Protected as “Personal Information”

6.   Relationship Between Information You Provide Via Our Website and Information You Provide Via Offline Sources

7.   Disclosures to Third Parties

8.   Removing Information; Opting-Out

9.   Security

10. Children’s Privacy

11. Notification of Changes

12. Contacting Us

13. Liability & Indemnification

14. Effective Date and Legal Notice

1. General Provisions

1.1 You can visit our home page and our Website without giving us your personal data. The portion of our Website that is accessible to all Site Users is designed to provide Visitors with a range of information concerning (i) the services we offer; (ii) conditions for registration, (iii) database of registered translators, interpreters and (iv) other materials concerning our services.

1.2 By using our Website, you explicitly declare that you agree with our “Confidentiality Policy” and you agree to us collecting and processing your personal data according to the methods and principles described in this “Confidentiality Policy”.

1.3 The Website is the property of consulting firm, duly represented by Ms. Cornelia RADU, MSc ME. works under the coordination of Smrt Ibérica, situated in 41018 Seville, Spain, VAT N°: ES F90065418, herein after referred to as the “COMPANY”.

1.4 The Company is committed to maintaining the privacy of information that you might share with us while visiting our Website and interacting with us online. This “Confidentiality Policy” (or “Policy”) covers how we collect and use any Personal Information that you provide through the website (“WEBSITE” or “SITE”).

1.5 This Policy applies to all Visitors of the Website (collectively, “SITE USERS” or “USERS”), including (i) casual Site Users who visit the Site to learn more about our services (“GENERAL VISITORS”); and (ii) “REGISTERED USERS”), for registering as a ‘Registered User’ and using our services.

1.6 The term “you”, “your”, and “User”, or similar terms in this Policy means both “General Visitors” and “Registered Users”. The terms “us”, “we” and “our” refer to the Company.

1.7 Please read this “Confidentiality Policy” carefully. By accessing and using our Website, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood this Policy and agree to be legally bound by it. If you do not agree with the terms of this Policy, please refrain from using our Site. This Policy should be read in conjunction with our “Terms and Conditions”, which govern the use of our Website.

2. Information You May Provide

The types of information you may provide while visiting our Site falls into two broad categories: (i) personal information; and (ii) anonymous information. We use the term “Personal Information” to mean any information you provide to us via the Website that could reasonably be used to identify you, such as your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number or any combination of such information. “Anonymous Information” is information that does not identify you, and may include, for example, statistical information concerning how you and other General Visitors use our Site.

3. Our Uses of the Information You Provide

3.1. We use information you provide to us via the Website only as provided in this Policy. We use the Personal Information you provide via the Website only for purposes of providing you information concerning the Company and its Registered Users, and for responding to requests you may make via our Site. We do not share your Personal Information with any third parties (except as provided in Section 7 - Disclosures to Third Parties).

3.2. Specifically, we collect, or receive, information from General Visitors at different points on our Website, and use this information as follows:

3.2.1. Registrations. In order to access the Registration section of our Website (for translators/interpreters/translation agencies/service providers) we require that you provide certain information, such as (i) name; (ii) surname; (iii) gender; (iv) country and (v) e-mail address. The registration process for certain portions of the Site may require a Registered User to provide additional Personal Information, as specified in the registration process. We use the information provided by a Registered User during the registration process to provide him or her with an invoice following his full payment and registration. Further detailed bellow you’ll find how we use the contact information which the Registered Users provide during their registration process.

3.2.2. E-mail Communication. We use your e-mail address to send news, alerts/newsletters, e-announcements and other communications concerning the Website, the Company, our and third-party legal developments, notifications, and other information relating to our Site. If we choose to undertake such communications, you will have the ability to opt-out of receiving them, as provided in Section 8 (Removing Information; Opting-Out).

3.2.3. Surveys. Periodically, we may initiate surveys on our Website and we may request Personal Information from you in connection with such surveys. You are free to choose whether to participate in this type of survey. Survey information will be used for purposes of monitoring or improving our Site and our services. By submitting information to us when registering as a Registered User, you consent to the use of your information for these purposes.

3.3. GDPR Compliance: The Website complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), adopted by the European Parliament on 14 April 2016.

3.3.1. We collect your personal data if you supply it to us voluntarily or via the means of a registration. This information is mainly used:

a. To publish your information and services on this directory, following your registration on this Website

b. To improve the contents and the display of our Website

c. To inform you about our Website updates

d. To inform you about novelties which could be of interest to you for a next visit on our Website

3.3.2. This information is only used for our internal use and is in no case given or sold to other organizations for commercial purposes. The data we collect when you contact us only are those necessary for the purpose for which you entrusted them to us. You are not required to give any critical data and they will not be collected via other databases.

3.3.3. Please note that this paragraph does not apply to third party websites, which you can access via this Website, through the hyperlinks.

3.3.4. Giving us your e-mail address or your phone number means that you agree to receive e-mails or phone calls from us. If you wish not to receive such e-mails or phone calls any longer, please contact us. You will find our contact details on the Contact page of this Site and in the “Terms and Conditions” in Section 9.2 (The Company Contact Details and Registered Address) of this Website.  

3.3.5. This “Confidentiality Policy” cannot limit the rights that the Company could hold over individuals or legal entities related to on-going contracts or under any other legislation.

3.4. Access to your personal data

3.4.1. You can enquire if we detain any Personal Information about you. You have the possibility to dispute the data we hold about you and to demand to have it deleted or modified.

3.4.2. We will ask you for proof of your identity (identity card or passport copy/scan) to make sure that we respect your personal data and that the request does not come from a third party.

3.4.3. We will accept one single request per year and per person. The information we hold about you or a notice specifying that we do not hold it will be sent to you free of charge within one month upon your request.

3.4.4. For any question on our “Confidentiality Policy” protection, please contact us. You will find our contact details on the Contact page of this Site and in the “Terms and Conditions” in Section 9.2 (The Company Contact Details and Registered Address) of this Website.

4. Anonymous Information

4.1. We use Anonymous Information to analyze the effectiveness of our Website, and other similar purposes. In addition, we may on occasion undertake or commission statistical and other summary analyses of the general behavior and characteristics of General Visitors, and may share Anonymous Information with third parties for this purpose. The Anonymous Information provided to third parties will not allow anyone to identify you. We may collect Anonymous Information through features of the software that support our Site, through cookies, and through other means described below.

4.2. IP Addresses; Logs. We may automatically receive and record information in our server logs from your browser, including your IP address, your computer’s name, the type and version of your Web browser, referrer addresses, and other generally accepted log information. We may also record page views and other general statistical and tracking information, which will be aggregated with that of other General Visitors in order to analyze how our Website is being used, and for security and monitoring purposes.

4.3. Cookies. We may automatically collect information through the use of cookies, which are small amounts of data or a small file sent to your browser from our Site or an internet server and stored on the hard drive of your computer or mobile device when you first visit our Website to keep track of the visited Site. This cookie contains some information about this visit, information which is accessible only by that site. During your visit on our Website, cookies may therefore be register on your hard disk. These cookies facilitate your navigation on our Site. The cookie does not collect and does not contain any Personal Information and does not entail any risks in terms of protection or virus for your computer. Cookies can be used to provide you with a tailored user experience and to make it easier for you to use a Website upon a future visit. We may include cookies on our Website and use them to recognize you when you return to our Site. You may set your browser so that it does not accept cookies (you can refuse those cookies by setting your internet browser, either to be informed about the existence of cookies or to refuse them systematically). The Company does not establish any link between the information having automatically been deposited by cookies and the specific data concerning our Visitors.

4.4. Pixel Tags or Web Beacons. We may also use pixel tags which are small graphic images indicating to us what parts of our Website have been visited, and whether e-mail messages have been opened, to measure the effectiveness of our Site, and for other purposes. None of this data includes Personal Information, and you can opt-out of receiving these types of e-mails by following the directions provided in Section 8 (Removing Information; Opting-Out).

4.5. Click-Through Data. We may send e-mail messages which use a “click-through URL” linked to content on our Site. When you click one of these URLs, you pass through our Web server before arriving at the destination Website. We track click-through data to determine General Visitors’ interest in particular topics, and to measure the effectiveness of our client communications. If you prefer not to be tracked, simply do not click text or graphic links in the e-mail, or notify us in accordance with Section 8 (Removing Information; Opting-Out).

5. Any Information Linked with Your Personal Information Is Protected as “Personal Information”

To enable us to better understand the characteristics of our General Visitors and to provide information tailored to your needs, we may link the Personal Information you have provided with Anonymous Information. If we combine or link any Anonymous Information or other information with your Personal Information, the resulting combination will be treated and protected as Personal Information under this “Confidentiality Policy”.

6. Relationship Between Information You Provide Via Our Website and Information You Provide Via Offline Sources

This Policy applies to information that you provide through the use of our Website and does not apply to information you provide to the Company through other means.

7. Disclosures to Third Parties

As an exception to the policies set out in Section 3 (Our Uses of the Information You Provide), we will disclose your Personal Information to third parties without your express consent in the following circumstances:

7.1. Website Vendors. We may employ other companies to perform functions on our behalf, such as maintaining the Website, providing services related to the Site, collecting information, responding to and sending electronic mail, or other functions related to our mandate and services. In order to obtain these services, we may need to share your Personal Information with these companies (collectively, “Site Vendors”). We will provide Site Vendors with only the information necessary to perform their duties with respect to our Website, and we obligate our Site Vendors to safeguard your Personal Information and refrain from using your Personal Information for any other purpose.

7.2. Affiliates. We may disclose your Personal Information to our affiliates and entities under common control of the Company.

7.3. Harm Mitigation. We may reveal your Personal Information to third parties such as law enforcement or investigative agencies if we believe it is necessary in order to prevent, or take action against illegal activities, fraud, or situations involving the potential threats to the rights, property, or personal safety of any person, or that you are violating this Confidentiality Policy, or other legal obligations.

7.4. Legal. We will reveal Personal Information to the extent required to do so by law.

8. Removing Information; Opting-Out

8.1 Opt-Out. If we send electronic communications, we will also provide you with the ability to opt-out of receiving further such communications. Instructions for opting-out will be provided with the communication itself. You will not be allowed to opt-out of formal notices concerning operation of this Website, and legal and other related notices concerning your relationship to the Site and the services provided to you by your request.

8.2 Deleting Information Provided Via Our Website. Upon your request we will remove from our databases the Personal Information you provided to us in connection with your use of this Site. Please note that it may not be possible to completely remove this information from our databases, due to backups and records of deletions. You may not remove de-identified, anonymous, or aggregate data from our databases.

8.3 Limitations on Deleting Information. Please keep in mind that this Policy applies only to information provided through our Website, and does not apply to “Non-Website Information”, which is information the Company obtains via other channels, such as public databases. Therefore, removal of information from our Website databases in accordance with Section 8.2 (Deleting Information Provided Via Our Site), will not remove Non-Website Information from our databases. We will retain Non-Website Information in our databases, including Personal Information that may relate to our General Visitors, in accordance with applicable law. If you have questions concerning Non-Website Information, you may contact us as provided in Section 12 (Contacting Us).

9. Security

We take reasonable steps to secure and safeguard the security of your personally identifiable information that we collect, including training our employees on the obligations of this “Confidentiality Policy” and the use of software systems that guard against unauthorized access. However, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed as completely secure and accordingly we cannot warrant that the security of any information you transmit to us will remain free from loss, misuse, or alteration by third parties who, despite our efforts, obtain unauthorized access. If we detect, despite the safeguards set out above, an intrusion or other unauthorized access to or use of Personal Information, we will notify affected Users of the intrusion if the information at issue is sensitive, as determined by law.

10. Children’s Privacy  

The Company will not accept or request Personal Information from individuals we know to be under 18 years of age or legally disabled. If we learn that a minor under 18 or a legally disabled person has provided Personal Information, we will delete this information from our databases, in accordance with our deletion procedures, set out in Section 8 (Removing Information; Opting-Out).

11. Notification of Changes

The Website “Confidentiality Policy” may be changed or updated occasionally in order to meet requirements and standards. Your use of our Website following any such change constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by the “Confidentiality Policy”, as changed. The modified “Confidentiality Policy” come into effect on the date they are put on line on the Website. If new “Confidentiality Policy” terms affect only Registered Users, those Users will be notified of and required to affirmatively accept such new terms.

12. Contacting Us

If you have any questions about this “Confidentiality Policy”, please contact: – Cornelia Radu, MSc ME

Mobile phone: +971 (0)56 90 37 357

Send a message to THIS email address

13. Liability & Indemnification

As a Website User, you agree not hold liable or ask for indemnity from the Company for any damages, loss, expense or liability it incurred as a result of any third-party breach of the “Confidentiality Policy”.

14. Effective Date and Legal Notice

14.1 The effective date of this Confidentiality Policy is January 1, 2024.

14.2 Copyright © 2024.

Privacy policy for the sworn translators' directory in Belgium

Privacy policy of the sworn translators’ directory in Belgium