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Free contact with sworn translators and interpreters in Belgium Sworn translators and interpreters in Belgium


Translators and interpreters in Belgium

Marta Bica

Sworn (or not sworn) translator and interpreter in

Dutch, French, Hungarian, Romanian

Accompanying during:

  • a driving license examination
  • the medical / psychological examination to recover the driving license

Court of First Instance & Court of Appeal in Brussels

+32 (0)498 57 51 15 - martabica007@gmail.com

In Verbo VeritasValérie DULLENS

Sworn translator - interpreter

in Italian, English, French

Courts of Justice: Liège, Hainaut - Italian Consulate in Charleroi

Holder of a University Certificate in Interpretation in Legal Context

+32 (0)496 05 69 60 - info@in-verbo-veritas.be


TOM MAHIEU Flanders Translations

Master in translation studies

Sworn translations and legalisations with the courts, ministries and embassies


+32 (0)53 46 01 06 - info@flanderstranslations.be


Sworn / certified and speciaStefano Spadea, translator in Italian, Dutch, English, French and Spanish in Belgiumlized translations in:

Dutch, English, French, Italian

Sworn translator at the Court of 1st instance of Leuven

Registered on the lists of translators and interpreters of the Italian consulate in Brussels and Charleroi

+32 (0)16 43 50 92  &  +32 (0)487 65 40 01



RW-TranslationRomain Wuillot

Technical, legal and editorial translations from and to:

Dutch, English, French, German and Russian

Courts of Justice in Charleroi, Doornik (Tournai), Mons (Bergen) and Namur

+32 (0)497 147 627 - romain.wuillot@hotmail.com


Nazgul BALMUKHANOVANazgul Balmukhanova, sworn translator in Kazakh, Russian, French and Dutch in Belgium

Kazakh, Dutch, French and Russian

Sworn and specialized translations and interpretations at the Courts of First Instance, Council Chamber, Court of Appeal, Assize Court, for marriages...

in Brussels and in Flanders county

+32 (0)494 61 59 11 - s.nazgul@hotmail.com

Morched  JEGUIRIMMorched Jeguirim: sworn translator interpreter French-Arabic-French in Brussels


Degree in Penal and Criminal Sciences from the University of Lille II (France)

Sworn translator and interpreter with solid skills in legal, scientific, medical, social, commercial and technical areas:          French Arabic French

+32 (0)475 24 23 96 - royal-consult@hotmail.com


Nexus Traduction & ConseilLUDMILA BULGAR

offers you in Brussels

sworn and specialised translations, conference interpretations in:  

English, French, Romanian and Russian

+32 (0)499 12 95 06 - europeannexus@gmail.com


Isabelle CollardIsabelle Collard - Tradassur

sworn translator and interpreter

in English, French and Italian

Courts: Brussels and Nivelles

+32 (0)475 61 75 35 - tradassur@hotmail.com

Specialised translations in the following fields:

legal - finance - marketing - insurances - travel guides and websites

Interpretations during marriages, interviews, driving licences & business meetings

Felicia Postaru, sworn and specialised translations and interpretations in BelgiumFelicia POSTARU

Sworn translator and interpreter,

specialized translations

Romanian French Romanian

Brussels and region of Flemish Brabant

+32 (0)483 12 63 52


Fatma Iferoudjene

sworn translator and interpreter from and into

Arabic, Berber (Kabyle), French

Mastery of the Arabic and Berber dialects of North Africa and Middle East (Egyptian, Lebanese, Tunisian, Chaouïa / Shawiya...)

Courts : Charleroi and Mons

+32 (0)489 66 84 50 - mi_ramon@hotmail.fr

Eric MichaEric Micha: sworn translator German-French-German in Belgium and Germany

Belgian sworn translator


State-certified translator in Germany

Courts of Justice:

  • Eupen & Verviers - in Belgium
  • Cologne (Köln) and Hanovre (Hannover) in Germany

+32 (0)498 68 03 59 - eric.micha@t-online.de

+49 (0)2444 91 21 71  &  +49 (0)152 095 74 256

ScriptiqueDelphine Smetryns

Specialized and sworn translations

Sworn certified translator at the Court of First Instance in Gent / Gand, Belgium

Specialized in juridical, financial and administrative translations from and into:

Dutch, English, French

+33 (0)9 81 92 57 45 - info@scriptique.eu


Cristina CIUPITU

English, French, Romanian, Spanish

in Mons, Nivelles & Charleroi

More than 15 years of experience in sworn and specialised translations, sworn interpretations or during business meetings, interviews...

+32 (0)470 133 243 - cristina.ciupitu@icloud.com

Chris FALQUESwww.americantranslation.be

Sworn translator by the Court of Appeal in Brussels and the Court of First Instance in Mons (Bergen)

Specialized in juridical, financial and administrative translations from and into

Dutch, English, French, German, Italian

+32 (0)2 771 26 04  &  +32 (0)475 53 13 47



Bart MYLEMANSAramis - D.I.M.

Sworn translator Dutch, French, Italian in Antwerp (sections of Antwerp & Mechelen), Brussels, Termonde, Nivelles & Hainaut (Charleroi / Mons / Tournai).

Aramis-DIM sprl - we know about legal translations.

+32 (0)3 541 39 82 - +32 (0)499 72 99 37


Amal BOUALGATranslation-Services

Sworn translations and interpretations, consecutive & simultaneous interpretations or during interviews in Brussels in:

Arabic, English, French, Italian

Special student rates available for translations of academic documents

+32 (0)489 28 15 07 - info@translationservices.be


FAQ - translations

What is a sworn translation?

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What is a sworn translator?

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How long does it take to receive a sworn and legalised translation in Belgium?

How much does a belgian sworn and legalised translation cost?

Does the sworn translator need my original document to make a sworn and legalised translation in Belgium?

Do I have to go to court personally for the legalisation of my sworn translation?

Is it possible to receive the sworn and legalised translation by standard post?

When is it nececessary to have a sworn translation?

Belgian and foreign official documents for use in Belgium...

Belgian official documents for use abroad...

Countries having signed the Hague Apostille Convention...

Other useful information on sworn and legalised translations in Belgium...

FAQ - translators

How to become a sworn translator or a sworn interpreter in Belgium?

I live in another country and I wish to work as free translator-interpreter in Belgium. Is it possible?

How can I get more translation and interpreting orders?

How to register to the interpreters’ directories and to the Belgian sworn translators directories?

How much does it cost to register?

What payment options are accepted?

Can clients contact me directly after I have registered or do your directories manage and redirect their messages?

How long does it take to have my pages online on these directories?

Which languages can I have my pages in?

Which information can I have on my individual pages?

How do I modify the information on my pages over the course of my being registered?

We are working in a group. Do we need to register individually to these directories?

Who can publish advertisements on these directories?

How much does advertisement space cost?

What should I do if I do not find answers to my questions here?

Frédérique Christiaens

English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

in Brussels and Nivelles



Click on the name to see the contact details

Julie Dondi

- French English, Spanish

- English French, Spanish

- Spanish English, French

Court  of Justice:  Nivelles (Nijvel)

Jorinde Berben

- Dutch / Flemish English

- English Dutch / Flemish

Court  of Justice:  Brugge (Bruges)

Joanna Rau

- Polish English, French

- French English, Polish

- English French, Polish

- Russian English, French, Polish

Court of Justice: Brussels

Iurii Abdusa

Belarusian, English, French, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian

in different language combinations

Courts of Justice:

Brussels (Anderlecht), Liège (Luik), Mons (Bergen), Namur (Namen), Nivelles (Nijvel), Tournai (Doornik)

François Biot

- French Dutch

- Dutch French

Court of Justice: Namur (Namen)

Fatma Iferoudjene

- Arabic French

- French Arabic

Courts of Justice:

Charleroi, Mons (Bergen)

Evelien de Vuyst

- Dutch French, Spanish

- French Dutch, Spanish

- Spanish Dutch, French

Court of Justice:

Oudenaarde (Audenarde)

Eszter Kotroczo

- Hungarian Dutch, English

- Dutch English, Hungarian

- English Dutch, Hungarian

Court of Justice:

Louvain (Leuven)

Elena Stroykova

- English French, Russian, Ukrainian

- French English, Russian, Ukrainian

- Russian English, French

Courts of Justice:

Arlon (Aarlen), Huy (Hoei), Marche-en-Famenne, Namur (Namen), Neufchâteau, Verviers

Delia De Coopman

- Romanian English, French

- French English, Romanian

- English French, Romanian

Courts of Justice: Brussels (Bruxelles), Nivelles (Nijvel)

Court of Appeal in Brussels

Daria Ashurova

- Russian Dutch

- Dutch Russian

Court of Justice: Brugge (Bruges)

Daisy Verheyden

- Dutch/Flemish English

- English Dutch/Flemish  

Court of Justice:

Mechelen (Malines)

Chris Falques

- Dutch English, French, German, Italian

- English Dutch, French, German, Italian

- French Dutch, English, German, Italian

Courts of Justice:

Court of Appeal of Brussels and

Court of First Instance in Mons (Bergen)

Christiaan Couturier

- English, German   Dutch

- Dutch English, German

Court of Justice:

Malines (Mechelen)

Cathalina Depoorter

- Dutch English, Spanish

- English, Spanish Dutch

Courts of Justice:

Oudenaarde (Audenarde), Kortrijk (Courtrai), Gent (Gand), Dendermonde (Termonde)

Carmen Bouritei

- Romanian French

- French Romanian

Court of Justice: Brussels

Azra Redzematovic

- Croatian, Serbian French

- French  Croatian, Serbian

Court of Justice: Liège (Luik)

Anne-Catherine Lepers

- English, Russian French

- French English, Russian  

Courts of Justice:

Arlon (Aarlen), Marche-en-Famenne, Neufchâteau

Anna Gordeeva

Dutch, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish

in different language combinations

Court of Justice: Brussels

Anna Buldaeva

- Russian French

- French Russian

Court of Justice: Liège (Luik)

Ann de Kreyger

- Dutch  English, French, Russian

- English, French, Russian  Dutch

Court of Fist Instance and Court of Appeal in Brussels (Bruxelles)

Amal Boualga

- French Arabic, English, Italian

- Arabic English, French, Italian

- English Arabic, French, Italian

- Italian Arabic, English, French

Town/Court of Justice :

Brussels (Bruxelles)

Alexandre Huillet

  • In Belgium and Luxembourg:

- English French

- French English

  • In France:

- Spanish English, French

- French English, Spanish

- English French, Spanish

Towns / Courts of Justice:

  • In Belgium: Arlon (Aarlen), Charleroi, Mons (Bergen), Namur, (Namen), Nivelles (Nijvel) Tournai (Doornik), Verviers.
  • In France: Sworn certified translator at the Regional Court of Justice of Chambéry
  • Sworn certified translator at the Supreme Court of Justice of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Marta Bica

- Romanian Dutch, French

- Dutch, French Romanian

Court of First Instance and Court of Appeal in Brussels

Yulia Koreneva

- Russian English, French

- French English, Russian

- English French, Russian

Towns / Courts of Justice:

Brussels (Forest), Nivelles (Nijvel), Court of Appeal in Mons (Bergen)

Ylber Zejnullahu

- Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian French

- French  Albanian

Courts of Justice:

Liège (Luik), Charleroi, Courtrai (Kortrijk), Mons (Bergen), Namur (Namen), Verviers

Wolfgang Hullmann

- English, German French

- English, French German

Courts of Justice: Eupen, Verviers

Vladislav Linkiavitchious

- Russian English, French

- French English, Russian

- English French, Russian

Courts of Justice:  

Mons (Bergen), Namur (Namen)

Valérie Dullens

- English, Italian French

- French English, Italian

Courts of Justice:

  • Liège (Luik), Charleroi, Mons (Bergen), Tournai (Doornik)
  • The General Consulate of Italy in Charleroi

Thanh Thuy Phan

- English, Vietnamese French

- English, French Vietnamese

- French, Vietnamese English

Court of Justice: Liège (Luik)

Tanja Van Dooren

Dutch, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

in different language combinations

Court of Justice:  Courtrai (Kortrijk)

Stela Asparouhova

- Bulgarian French

- French Bulgarian

Court of Fist Instance and Court of Appeal in Brussels

Serge Withouck

- English, French, Italian Dutch

- Dutch English, French, Italian

Courts of Justice:

Antwerp (Anvers), Brussels, Courtrai (Kortrijk) and The Hague (Netherlands)

Seda Gubacheva

- Chechen, Russian French

- French Chechen, Russian

Court of Justice: Liège (Luik)

Sandra Vranic

- French Croatian, Serbian

- Croatian, Serbian French

Courts of Justice:

Marche-en-Famenne, Arlon (Aarlen), Neufchâteau

Ruiping Li

- Chinese French

- French Chinese

Courts of Justice:

Brussels, Nivelles (Nijvel)

Peter Arnout

- Chinese Dutch,  French

- Dutch English, French

- English, French  Dutch

Court of Justice: Ghent (Gand)

Ordesa Kume

- Albanian Dutch

- Dutch Albanian

Court of Justice: Brugge (Bruges)

Nicoleta Beraru

- French, Dutch Romanian

- Romanian French, Dutch

Court of Justice: Louvain (Leuven)

Nedzad Ceman

- Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Slovenian French

- French   Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Slovenian

Courts of Justice:

Brussels, Arlon (Aarlen), Huy (Hoei), Liège (Luik), Mons (Bergen), Verviers

Mimoza Dino

- Albanian Dutch

- Dutch Albanian

Court of Justice: Brussels

Michèle Nardi-Valette

- English, Italian French

- French English, Italian

Court of Justice:  Namur (Namen)

The General Consulate of  Italy in Charleroi

Michèle Laurent

- English, Portuguese, Spanish French

Courts of Justice:

Brussels (Bruxelles), Nivelles (Nijvel)

Marie-Claude De Jonghe

- French Dutch

- English, Spanish, Dutch   French

Courts of Justice:

Brussels, Louvain (Leuven), Namur (Namen) and Nivelles (Nijvel)

Marc Smulders

- Dutch, English, Portuguese French

- French Portuguese

Courts of Justice:

Arlon (Aarlen), Brussels (Bruxelles), Dinant,  Mons (Bergen), Namur (Namen), Nivelles (Nijvel), Tournai (Doornik)

Mahmoudou Niass

- Fula(h), Hassaniya, Wolof


Court of Justice: Liège (Luik)

Madni Saiyid

- English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu   Dutch

- Dutch    English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu

Courts of Justice:

Louvain (Leuven), Tongres (Tongeren)

Ludmila Bulgar

- French English, Romanian, Russian

- English French, Romanian, Russian

- Romanian English, French, Russian

- Russian English, French, Romanian

Town/Court of Justice :

Brussels (Bruxelles)

Karin Van Dael

- English, French, Spanish


Courts of Justice:

Arlon (Aarlen), Dendermonde (Termonde), Louvain (Leuven)

Sworn translators in Belgium Follow www.belgian-sworn-translator.be on Facebook Follow www.belgian-sworn-translator.be on Google+ Follow www.belgian-sworn-translator.be on LinkedIn

I have already received many private and business assignments via this website!

This is a very effective website and I definitely recommend it to everyone!

Eszter Kotroczo, sworn translator and interpreter

in Hungarian, Dutch and English

in Brussels and Louvain - 20/06/2018


Not only do I thank you for your highly skilled service offer but also for the follow-up of the information necessary for our profession, as well as the goodwill of your advice which I had previously been lucky enough to benefit thanks to your perfectly selfless dedication.

Geneviève Caillet, sworn and specialised translator in Dutch/Flemish, French, English and Spanish in Brussels, Charleroi, Dinant, Hal-Vilvorde, Huy, Mons, Marche-en-Famenne, Namur, Neufchâteau, Nivelles, Termonde, Tongres, Tournai & Verviers -  14/01/2018


I wish to thank you for the excellent job you perform in favour of sworn translators in Belgium.

As it happens, I never fail to recommend your website to customers looking for a translator whenever I am not available or for other language combinations.

Nathalie Ghyoot, sworn translator

Spanish-French-Spanish in Brussels - 14/01/2018


I would like to say that, thanks to this site, I have received many projects from clients who, without this registration, would have never come to me, and with most of whom I have been able to establish a long-term collaboration.

I also recommended this site to a colleague.

Many thanks to Madame Radu for her kindness and professionalism!

Solange Collings, sworn and specialised translator in Dutch, French and English, in Thimister-Clermont & Tongres - 30/11/2017


Since my registration, your site brings me many clients for translations from Portuguese and English into French, and from French to Portuguese.

I renew my subscription without any hesitation.

Marc Smulders, sworn translator in Dutch/Flemish, French, English and Portuguese, in Wierde - 3/08/2017


Thank you again for your work, I have a lot of customers through your website!

Elena Stroykova, sworn translator in French, Russian and Ukrainian;  translator-interpreter in Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, English, French, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian and Ukrainian in Arlon, Huy, Liège, Namur, Marche-en-Famenne, Neufchâteau and Verviers - 2/07/2017       

This is a very effective site for interpreters and translators, as well as for people who are searching for such specialists.

A great idea that makes life easier for everyone. Congratulations!

Elena Stroykova - 30/07/2015


It is a pleasure to recommend you to my fellow translators and interpreters for your efficiency, professionalism and friendliness.

Ann de Kreyger, sworn translator and interpreter in Dutch, Russian, French and English in Brussels - 27/03/2017


Once again many thanks for your site that brought me a large number of orders.

Isabelle Collard, sworn translator and interpreter in Italian, French and English à Brussels, Nivelles and Braine-le-Château - 28/11/2016


I have got great visibility and excellent return from this website which I strongly recommend to all my translation colleagues.

I hereby seize the opportunity to thank Mrs Radu for being so available, efficient ad enthusiastic !

Valérie Dullens, sworn translator and interpreter in French, Italian and English in Liège and Charleroi - 19/04/2016


I am very satisfied with the service offered by your site and it is with pleasure that I renew my registration.

Natalia Ostach, sworn translator and interpreter in French, Ukrainian, Russian and German à Mons, Charleroi, Nivelles and Tournai - 11/04/2016


  Thank you for the efficiency of your website.

Bénédicte Annys, sworn translator interpreter in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish in Brugge - 31/03/2016


I wish to congratulate you for this excellent website that has become THE reference site in this field in Belgium.

Joanna Rau, sworn translator in Polish, Russian, French and English in Brussels - 10 December 2015


These websites bring me more and more clients and I’m very content!

I already recommended these websites to more translators and interpreters.

I wish to thank Mrs Radu for the excellent collaboration we have been having for some years and for the quality of this website.

It is a precious tool, which largely contributes to the transparency and the clarity of offers, to the best advantage of all users.

Jorge d’Oliveira Santos, sworn translator and conference interpreter in Portuguese, French and Spanish - EBCAM - CBL-ACP Advisor - Châtelineau, Belgium – 3 December 2015


Since I registered to these directories I have one or two price requests per day. Not all of them become orders, of course, but I never had so many translation requests in the past.

Isabelle Collard, sworn translator and interpreter in Italian, French and English in Brussels, Nivelles and Braine-le-Château - 1/12/2015


I’m very happy to be registered to this website, as it is a perfect way of enhancing our work as translators and a clear, complete and precise service for our clients.

Lucyna Gutman-Grauer, sworn translator and interpreter from and into French, Polish and English in Brussels - 28/09/2015  


My sincerest congratulations and thanks to Mrs Radu for this remarkable site, for her professional attitude and efficiency.

My registration to this website helped me to rapidly find customers and to fully involve myself in my professional activity.

Iurii Abdusa, sworn translator and interpreter in English, Belarusian, French, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian in Brussels- 19/05/2015


I am very grateful to Ms Radu for having had this idea of these sworn translator websites.

Since I registered, most of my new clients have declared they found my contact details on those websites.

This has increased my visibility on the internet and made life with clients easier as they can find the translator they’re looking for faster.

I have just renewed my registration for a year because I find my collaboration with Ms Cornelia Radu to be excellent. Thank you!

Vera Kouzemina, sworn translator and interpreter in French, German and Russian in Nivelles - 6/05/2015


After working years long as a freelancer, I learned that only people who love their profession can do a serious work.

By proving us her effectiveness, her seriousness and her good will, Mrs. Cornelia Radu proves she is among those ones who are involved with their whole heart into their work.

I would like to express my gratitude to Mrs. Radu and thank her for helping me in my professional development via these sites.

Nedzad Ceman, sworn translator and interpreter in Bosnian, Croatian, French, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Serbian and Slovenian in Visé – 11 October 2014


I am completely satisfied with your services, which already brought me a very important mission.

So, I hope I can collaborate with you in the future and be able to offer you my support.

Serge Withouck, sworn translator and interpreter to and from Dutch, French, English and Italian in Brussels - 12 February 2014 


I thank Mrs Radu for the efficiency of her services, her professionalism and her excellent communication.

Following my registration on this website, I was contacted by customers and I was able to develop my professional activity.

I highly recommend this website!

Carmen Bouritei, sworn translator and interpreter French-Romanian, Romanian-French in Brussels - 7 January 2014 


This website is very judicious and useful one; it enables to quickly put in touch customers and sworn translators / interpreters, and it makes searching a translator easier.

Dr Alexandre Huillet, sworn translator English-French and French-English in Brussels, Paris and Luxembourg - 16 December 2013


Within one week after my registration on your website, I have already had my first customer.

Really efficient, congratulations!

Noël Vaguet, sworn translator and interpreter in French, Dutch and English in Bastogne, Belgium- 14 December 2013


First of all, I wish to thank you for the service which you propose via this website.

I wish to say that I find your idea brilliant because people often are lost when they look for a sworn translator or interpreter.

David Babaev, sworn translator and conference interpreter in French, Russian and English; Assistant Professor at The Higher Institute of Translators and Interpreters (ISTI) Brussels - 19 July 2013


The testimonies of the belgian sworn translators registered to this directory

Testimonies of the sworn translators